Industries based on yield-stress fluids are rapidly expanding in Europe, including key traditional sectors (food, building,
paper) and key emerging technologies (advanced materials, advanced manufacturing). The European Parliament has called for investment on these sectors, but so far complex fluid processes in these industries are far from understood, as the research has generally been small scale and/or technologically flawed. In particular: the poor understanding of yield-stress fluid rheology and linking of the measured parameters to the yield properties and insufficient models, means that applications are designed without the understanding of even the basic flow properties (no-flow zones, pressure needed to initiate flow), which introduces uncertainties and errors; there is a serious shortage of research trained professionals who combine expertise on complex fluid research, technology and industrial needs. In conjunction with ESR the largest network in Europe in rheology, this ITN will: develop a European multi-disciplinary, intersectoral educational research framework for Europe, to comprehensively train 12 early stage researchers (ESRs) to PhD level; provide the research evidence to show how modern measurement and modelling methods may improve the cost- and resource-efficiency of industrial processes; provide the European workforce with a much needed new generation of excellent research trained professionals.

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