‘Stubborn’ materials yield to the momentum of enthusiastic young researchers

Materials like toothpaste, mayonnaise, cement and mud are not commonly thought of as fluids by most of us. However, in the realm of materials science, these materials are called ‘yield-stress fluids’: they ‘flow’ only if a large enough shear stress is exerted on them, causing them to yield to it and start moving rather than simply deforming elastically. Understanding yield-stress fluids is important in conventional sectors, such as food processing and construction, and is growing as related to new technologies, such as 3D printing. However, despite their ubiquity and importance, the current theories describing their flow characteristics hold true only under very basic conditions and their experimental study is still quite challenging. YIELDGAP is establishing an innovative training network uniting academic and industrial experts with bright young researchers to advance models and experimental methods in the field of yield-stress fluids.

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